Japanese Shooter-Inspired Dark Gravity Announced, Launches Q4 2020 on PC, Switch TBD

Ultimate Games S.A. have announced independent Polish studio Korgorus’ new shooter, Dark Gravity.

Inspired by classic Japanese shmups such as Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, and Zero Gunner, the game promises high single-player challenge in a non-linear campaign.

The press release continues, explaining the story is “seated in the futuristic reality after World War 5. The player will take on the role of a pilot, whose fate is thrown into a whirlwind of events like from a good technothriller.”

“Of course, there are here unique features that will make this title stand out from other productions,” says the game’s originator and founder of Korgorus, Rafał Szewczyk. “It is not only about stylized low poly graphics but an intriguing story and the large possibilities of crafting and expanding the fighter jets.”

As players progress, they can unlock and craft new fighters, weapons, and upgrades to take on the harsher challenges.

“The difficulty level will be very important – the game at the highest level will be significantly different from the normal level,” Szewczyk explains.

“The higher the level, the more the challenges, new enemies, new bosses and additional secrets. Importantly, there are also big differences concerning the fighter jets. Each of them will have its own unique character and the weaponry can be adapted to your own preferences. All this will additionally increase the life of Dark Gravity.”

The press release also explains that the game will have seven missions, 34 bosses, eight fighter jets, and three levels of difficulty.

Dark Gravity launches Q4 2020 on Windows PC (via Steam). A Nintendo Switch release is also planned.

You can find the full run-down (via Steam) below:

Rapid Action!

Shoot, destroy, collect, craft and destroy even more! “Dark Gravity” is a fast-paced, low poly vertical shoot’em up game that features non-linear campaign mode with lots of enemies and bosses. Craft new weapons, upgrade your fighter and build an ultimate aerial war machine!

Exciting Story!

After the fifth world war, there was peace in the world. For over a decade, the Grand Alliance has been leading humanity towards a better tomorrow by stifling all dangers in the bud. For some time, however, there is suspicion of a new threat that cannot be ignored.

As a member of SAF forces, your mission is to take over the Shielton base, captured by unknown rebels. No one knows who they are and what they want. What’s worse, even IMC forces couldn’t drive them away from the base because of their advanced weaponry. Weaponry out of this world. But… are those rebels the main threat? Isn’t there anything bigger behind all this? No time for questions! You must stop them at all costs!

Dyanamic Gameplay!

Gameplay mechanics are very simple – destroy all enemies and try to avoid every bullet… well, at least those which can be avoided. Your special maneuver allows you to dodge normal projectiles. Even if you get hit, you will only lose one extra weapon! However, watch out for powerful bosses! They can thorn you into pieces with their ultimate unavoidable attacks!

Non-Linear Campaign!

The story mode can be completed in a few various ways. Military operations are carried out on several fronts simultaneously. It’s up to you which path you will choose. From battles high in the sky, through military bases, underground factories, collapsed mines and abandoned laboratories, to secret Arctic research facilities and the interiors of unknown civilization artifacts – you must go through all of this several times to accomplish all missions.

Challenging Bosses!

Every difficulty level is different. Improving your skills and fighter will help you out at facing hard and insane mode bosses, as they don’t appear at easier levels. Enemy’s layouts will change as well as their shooting patterns. At higher difficulties, you will also meet enemies that you have not met before.

Hundreds of Fighters Combinations!

Collecting drop parts and blueprints throughout the missions will allow you to unlock and craft new fighters, weapons, and upgrades. However, remember that only playing at the highest levels of difficulty will allow you to achieve a pinnacle of technology. Uncover the crafting tree and develop unique power-ups!

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