Japanese Red Cross Promotional Event Features Virtual YouTuber Akatsuki UNI

Akatsuki UNI

Those that donated blood this past weekend at the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair (Kyoto Mafu) went home with a free poster starring Virtual YouTuber Akatsuki UNI.

In a new promotion with the Japanese Red Cross, donators will who make an advanced reservation were able to receive a new promotional poster. The poster features Akatsuki UNI who has been supporting the Japanese Red Cross since back in 2019.

Akatsuki UNI was also set to be featured on promotional posters back then, but they were removed due to the controversy at the time. As reported previously, a promotion with the Japanese Red Cross and Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out prompted criticisms of objectification. Critics claimed that using promotional materials featuring anime girls was offensive. The Japanese Red Cross canceled the promotion as a result, despite vehemently stating that “the promo is not a form of sexual harassment”.

At the time, Akatsuki UNI released a video explaining the situation and her frustration with the decision. The video can be found below.

Other cross promotions have also been targeted. This includes a Love Live! Sunshine!! promotion with Nishiura Mikan, a produce brand known for oranges.

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