Japanese netizens weigh in on Resident Evil 4 Remake yellow paint

Resident Evil 4 Remake yellow paint

Japanese websites have weighed in on a tweet that gained a lot of attention after asserting that putting yellow paint on interactable objects is unnecessary in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Some time ago, there was a tweet that gained millions of views and claimed that putting yellow paint on objects that can be interacted with is unnecessary:

Indicators making it obvious that certain objects can be interacted with is often labeled “good game design” by some commentators as it helps guide the player.

However, critics find this is often more of an example of “unnecessary hand-holding” as a couple seconds of actual experimentation will easily lead players to the realization that something can be interacted with.

More games in the modern era have made use of these sorts of indicators to guide players.

Japanese websites such as Yaraon! have caught onto the tweet, and Japanese netizens weighed in on the matter:

“Try giving it a completely new look without paint. An absurd amount of complaints will probably come. The stress of playing a game that fails to direct your gaze is terrible. Particularly old Western games.”

“[in response to previous comment] I’ll examine it by thoroughly mashing the button repeatedly.”

“I support Capcom. It makes horror action games that can cause a panic easier to play. If it’s a type of game where you can interact with all objects, it might be boring, but, Biohazard [Resident Evil] is a game where one of the main things is solving puzzles using specific objects. It’s necessary that there be an indication that it can absolutely be used.”

“This sort of thing is a failure of design.”

“I’m sure there were some people who complained about the method of making things sparkle when they were actually made of something that doesn’t sparkle, like this time.”

I haven’t yet played RE4 so I don’t know, but 7 and 8 didn’t feel as out of place.”

“I just thought it was reasonably easy to understand and convenient. It’s more stressful when you don’t know.”

“I liked the moderate inconvenience of the old Monster Hunter. The only thing I still can’t comprehend even now is the guts pose.”

“It’s a rip-off of the squid game. I guess you can clear the game if you paint everything yellow lol”

“These guys would go crazy if they played Kingsfield.”

“Making a visual confirmation is good, but don’t destroy the worldview.”

“In Skyrim, you can destroy almost anything, except for buildings.”

“The correct answer is that it sells well throughout the RE series.”

“I cleared it and it didn’t really harm the atmosphere. Are the people making a fuss stupid?”

“If you’re going to go this far, why not just make it glow.”

“There are idiots in this world who can’t even see the yellow color that’s been heavily painted on. This is the correct answer because Biohazard is for the ‘light class’ of players.”

“What if the ladder was pink instead?”

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam). Check out our thorough review!

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