Japanese man has 4 wives, plans on 54 kids

Watanabe Ryuta

A Japanese man in Sapporo is living a polygamous lifestyle with his four wives and two girlfriends.

Watanabe Ryuta is a 35 year old man who currently is a stay at home husband for his four wives. He appeared on the internet program Abema News where he explained his family and living situation.

Watanabe’s goal is to father the most children in the history of Japan. The current record holder would be Tokugawa Ienari, a shogun who had over 20 concubines and fathered 53 children.

His four wives range in age between 22 and 27 and at present he has three children. He says he’s presently looking for more wives to accomplish his dream.

Watanabe Ryuta

Polygamous marriages are illegal in Japan, but Watanabe is allegedly using divorce as a workaround, possibly to add women to his family registry after no longer being married to them. Frankly, we’re unclear how Japan’s family registry works so this is just speculation on our part.



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