Japanese Mall Removes Love Live! Sunshine!! Poster Seemingly After Complaints of “Sexualizing Women”

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Editor’s Note: We cite Sankaku Complex as a source in this article. While that website uses a SFW mode by default that blurs the thumbnails on their more explicit articles, we do advise reader discretion if you choose to follow the citation links.

A Japanese mall has removed a promotional poster featuring a Love Live! Sunshine!! character, possibly after receiving complaints about it “sexualizing women.”

Sankaku Complex reports that anime idol girl Takami Chika (from Love Live! Sunshine!!) had been made the ambassador for Nishiura Mikan- a brand of mandarin oranges.

These oranges are grown in Numazu (where the anime also takes place), and a favorite food of that character. A promotional image and poster was made for the event, and the character’s voice actress (Anju Inami) attended its unveiling.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

The event took place on February 13th at LaLaport Numazu shopping mall. However, a fan on Twitter was quick to point out the poster had been removed just three days later, despite being planned to be up until the end of March.

The user spoke to (in Sankaku Complex’ words) “someone in charge,” and discovered the event had been cancelled over complaints of the image. All mention of the event was also removed from Lalaport’s website (as can be seen when attempting to follow the link from this tweet promoting the webpage).

An official statement from LaLaport Numazu was issued on February 17th.

“Regarding the Nishiura Mikan PR panel on display, due to various circumstances, our displaying of the panel has ended as of February 16th. We are truly sorry to all Love Live Sunshine fans who were looking forward to seeing it, we appreciate your understanding.”

Translation: Sankaku Complex

While there is no official confirmation as to why the poster was taken down, Sankaku Complex reports it may have been “due to the exorbitant whining it spawned on Twitter.” They cite one such Twitter user, who believed the shadows formed by creases in the girl’s skirt was her underwear (with her thinking the skirt was somewhat transparent).

Edittor’s Note: The link in the next paragraph contains images that are NSFW

One Twitter user explained that the skirt could cling around that area due to static, though others took issue with how rare the circumstances would be. Others felt the image was sexual in nature, and took issue with it due to the character’s age.

Fans even started a Change.org petition. However, instead of asking for the poster to be reinstated, it is to “aggregate and publicly express the support opinion.” (Translation: Google Translate).

The petition creator even states they do not disagree with the assertions that people found it offensive, but they do state that everyone has something they find offensive, and eliminating what someone personally finds offensive is excessive. The “Expression of Opinion” at this time of writing has achieved 17,223 signatures out of a desired 25,000.

The story bares comparisons to an incident in November 2019, where the Japanese Red Cross came under fire for using the main character from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!- who happens to be rather busty- and for some reason had to explain they did not condone sexual harassment.

While withdrawn for a time, Bengo 4 reports the campaign has continued under new guidelines, and a short manga by the author showing the main characters giving blood.


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