Japanese fans shocked by Street Fighter 6’s ugly Yor Forger

Street Fighter 6

The Japanese fans have voiced their opinions on the Street Fighter 6 collaboration with Spy x Family, and they didn’t have the best opinions about the Yor outfit and the custom avatar used to showcase it.

Gameplay footage was recently uploaded to show off the Yor Forger outfit available to players for the collaboration, and many criticized the ugly custom avatar wearing the outfit, seen above.

Now the Japanese have shared their opinions, and most weren’t particularly enthused:

“Looks like a Chinese cosplayer piled up with a lot of Photoshop.”

“Haha ugly.”

“This is the real Yoru-san.”

“This is awful. I was considering starting Street Fighter 6, but I’ve stopped.”

“It’s a scam if the PV and the actual depiction are too different.”

“Has it been badly influenced by political correctness?”

If you try to match the standards of Street Fighter VI, it’ll probably look like this. There’s nothing else that can really be done.”

“The creator will be pleased.”

“Exposing the lies of the second dimension.”

“Is it also ugly in consideration of political correctness?”

“Because overseas political correctness is noisy.”

“No, it’s only natural since Street Fighter VI is a poorly-made game lol”

“Just a middle-aged woman cosplaying as Yoru.”

“Capcom is unskilled at collaborations.”

“Yoru-san’s face in the middle of doing a super special move is too scary. Isn’t she just a monster?”

“It would be traumatic for children to see.”

“Yoru-san’s face is frightening.”

“Who would be pleased by this? Don’t stain the original work.”

Street Fighter 6 is available now across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Check out our review here!

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