Japan universities will be free to families with 3 or more children in 2025


Japan is still continuing to do its best to tackle its abysmal birth rate problem, this time by promising free university access for families with 3 or more kids.

The tuition-free college perk is being offered by Japan’s government as a policy to boost the country’s catastrophically low birth rates, and it will be available starting 2025.

Tuition and all related fees will be free for households containing three or more children, and there will be no restrictions regarding income. Junior college and technical college students will be included in this package.

The income limit will be raised to 6 million yen per year starting next year for university scholarships (which require no repayment) for the aforementioned families with three or more children.

A cabinet meeting sometime this month will officially decide on the new measure, which is to be bundled with the “Children’s Future Strategy”.

Editor’s Note: Featured art by Mei_inui


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