Japan planning to remove gender from My Number Cards


Japan is removing gender from “My Number Cards” meant for personal identification, an act that might have some suspecting to be the work of western “gender ideology”.

The “My Number Card” is also known as the “Individual Number Card”, and it serves as a form of identification for Japanese citizens.

The ID cards were first issued in January 2016, when they replaced the “Basic Residency Registry Card”, which had been given in its stead since 2003.

As with most basic identification, the card contains the holder’s name, date of birth, gender, address, and photo.

However, on December 20th, Japan’s Digital Agency (which is responsible for Japan’s “digital transformation of society”) decided that gender information will be removed from the face of the My Number Cards meant for the next generation, those being planned to release in 2026.

“Sexual minority groups” had been requesting that gender be removed from the card, as it would “force” those with gender identity disorders to “come out”.

This gender removal is included in a draft of an interim report by the Digital Agency in a past meeting. The draft also included the possible creation of a smartphone app that would read the info on a card (including gender) via the IC chip.

A formal decision will be made in 2024 after a panel of experts weighs in on the subject, while also taking into account public opinion.

Here are some comments from Japanese citizens online were not fond of the change:

“Those who use forged cards are jubilant.”

“If it can be read as data, then it’s fine.”

“Because the Liberal Democratic Party passed the LGBT law. If you have a complaint, tell it to the Liberal Democratic Party.”

“Not worth bothering with.”

“LGBT organizations need to be systematically crushed. They’re powerful people that do as they please by using the socially vulnerable as a shield.”

“What a stupid country, y’know?”

“For the sake of argument, I understand that you have to give consideration to the ‘T’. But is it necessary to give consideration to the ‘LGB’?”

“Are they stupid? Don’t make things like that.”

“Why not consolidate and delete all personal information and just use scans to verify identity?”

“Gender is meaningless, so why don’t we register DNA. Even if you change your gender, your DNA doesn’t.”

“I don’t think they are being particularly considerate towards LGBT people, they’re just doing it because other countries are.”

“Yes, at the fault of morons, the fraudulent use of My Number Cards will increase.”


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