Japan House LA announces Pokemon x Kogei exhibit

Pokemon X Kogei Exhibition Thumbnail

Japan House Los Angeles have announced a new art exhibition featuring the Pokemon franchise in the style of Kogei.

This particular art style showcases Japan’s crafts done in both traditional and contemporary styles over their long history.

The exhibition will makes its debut in the United States after being shown off in Japan last year. It features over 70 works created by 20 artists ranging across a variety of styles.

One can check out a preview of the works that will be showcased on their website. There are a number of interesting pieces such as a Jolteon created with gold and and silver plated copper pieces hammered into lightning bolts and a Charizard integrated into a ceramic jar.

Here’s a teaser video of their exhibition:

The Pokemon X Kogei exhibition will begin July 25, 2023 and will run through January 7, 2024 in the Japan House gallery in Los Angeles. Guests are invited to join for free to explore the history of Japanese Kogei through the lenses of popular Pokemon.

Works will also be swapped during the duration of the exhibition, which gives people reason to come back and revisit again to enjoy and appreciate new pieces.

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