Japan getting first ever “metaverse high school”

metaverse high school

Japan, for some reason, is capitalizing on the highly criticized metaverse by introducing the first “metaverse high school”, where students will attend by way of their own avatar.

Japanese VR and Metaverse developer AOMINEXT is planning a metaverse system for a high school in Japan, one that will be entirely in virtual reality.

As the new school will be entirely virtual, students will attend classes via their customized avatars and even attain a high school diploma by the end of it.

The school system is being made with the cooperation of Yushi International High School, which will be a three-year experience containing a credit-based course with a curriculum that has been “recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”.

It’s worth noting any diplomas gained through the new metaverse school system will be the same as regular high school diplomas.

Students will be provided with VR equipment at no cost and can attend classes anywhere in Japan, or overseas. The official site for the school claims the system is a chance to “be yourself without being constrained by your appearance”.

Heres a video from the official website depicting how the school would function:

Aside from regular high school classes, the system will also educate students in the way of virtual reality and “Metaverse creation”. There will also be virtual homeroom, e-sports tournaments, and virtual school festivals.

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