Japan gaining awareness over western critical race theory


A recently rediscovered Japanese TV program discussed one of the ways in which the west is trying to influence other countries, with “Critical Race Theory” being a controversial but recent method.

The 2021-released Toranomon News segment with Tokyo University professor Kaori Hayashi (林香里) was reuploaded by Twitter account Asian Dawn, where Hayashi talked up Critical Race Theory.

The reupload of the segment came with English subtitles and discussed the topic at length, and how Japan will seemingly not be so easy to convince with this political topic.

“Japanese people speaking Japanese while living in Japan are a privileged class and they must be aware of it,” Hayashi said while explaining Critical Race Theory. “Non-Japanese living in Japan, who don’t speak Japanese, are at a disadvantage. Japanese who speak Japanese being a privileged class are committing the crime of discrimination. You may be doing nothing but you are committing discrimination just by existing. It’s this kind of argument. It’s almost like original sin.”

“This is the Critical Race Theory that is being popularized in America,” Hayashi said. “In America it’s White people. A White male that speaks English is considered the most sinful.”

She added, “So white males are committing the great sin of discrimination since being in the mother’s belly. So he must pay for his crime since he was born.”

Hayashi, being a university professor herself, noted local Japanese governments and schools are taking action to block critical race theory.

“In the schools in Japan, there are a lot of leftists,” she said. “They consider this a problem so each state is forbidding the teaching of CRT in schools, there are places doing some counter measures.”

The professor gave a warning on the spread of Critical Race Theory: “These people are trying to bring this weird logic here, and it’s considered a huge social problem in America. They are trying to bring the social chaos of America to Japan.”

Hayashi said in closing: “When you hear stuff like this you must realize ‘Oh, that’s the thing happening in America.’ You must not be deceived.”

Some users, however, brought up the fact that the TV moment is from a few years ago, which is rather important, as things can change over time. Some natives to Japan said the ideology hasn’t gained any traction since.

Much like with modern day feminism and political correctness, Critical Race Theory is commonly viewed as negatively manipulating how others think, with most critics noting it revolves around disparaging white people.

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