Japan court seeks $1,400 fine for outrage streamer Johnny Somali

Johnny Somali

Johnny Somali, a Kick streamer who earned a negative reputation for being a nuisance in Japan and had since been arrested, might be forced to pay a large fine.

The streamer had earned the ire of many online due to his harassing of locals in Japan, whether it be by telling them he wants to drop bombs on the country, or by playing loud music and inappropriate noises in a restaurant’s kitchen. The troublesome individual also allegedly trespassed onto a construction site.

Somali’s first trial appearance on December 19th had him denying some of the charges against him (such as forcible obstruction of business), as the incident in the restaurant had him asserting the audio “came out automatically” whenever a viewer reacted, something he said he couldn’t control.

Yahoo Japan stated that Somali also made remarks about wanting to drop atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the prosecution was convinced that Somali was “acting arbitrarily because he wanted to please the viewers”.

Somali asked for leniency, and was quoted as saying “It was an embarrassing act that inconvenienced employees and customers. I swear that I will never record or distribute any kind of video in the future”.

The prosecution for the case are seeking a 200,000 yen fine, which only amounts to around $1,400 dollars, and charges against Somali’s trespassing into a construction site were apparently dropped.

Somali noted he wanted to return to Japan sometime, though he might already be banned from the country. The verdict for the case is expected January 10th, 2024.



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