Izumo Ito Health Concerns Prompt Two Month Hiatus for Machikado Mazoku

Machikado Mazoku (The Demon Girl Next Door) has been placed on a two month hiatus, due to concerns over author Izumo Ito’s health.

In a tweet Izumo explained the situation. She explained how two years ago (after recovering from a fever due to inflamed tonsils) she would suffer inflammation in her throat and ears when she became fatigued.

She describes a vicious cycle of submitting manuscripts, beginning to slow down and take naps during work, then risk missing their next deadline and having to work harder. Despite enjoying her work, the inflammation grew worse.

By the time her work on the anime had finished, she had difficulty moving her body, and began to get joint pain, headaches, and dizzy spells. When speaking with a doctor, she was diagnosed with autonomic ataxia (dysfunction of parts of the nervous system).

Izumo states that no chapter was published last month due to her attempting to recuperate for most of November, only doing supervision and small pieces of touch-up work.

Due to her not recovering sufficiently and on advice from her editor, she has decided to go on hiatus for two months. Izumo also states she will attempt to change her lifestyle after she recovers, as she also attributed a poor diet and lack of exercise to her condition and fatigue.

The Demon Girl Next Door launched in Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine in Septemer 2014. The fifth compilation volume was published on June 27th. The TV anime aired from July to September 2019, with Sentai Filmworks streaming the show on HIDIVE.

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