Is the V Rising Razer DLC still available?

V Rising Razer still available DLC

Can you still craft the Razer Hood and Razer Cloak in V Rising?

The collaboration between V Rising and Razer is roughly one year old now, and is unfortunately over.

So, is that it? Players simply can’t unlock the Razer items anymore? Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Players who managed to grab a giveaway key for the V Rising Razer DLC are able to craft the Razer items from their inventory, given that they have the needed materials.

Players who weren’t so lucky still have a chance to find the Razer items, be it through fishing, killing enemies, or opening chests.

The Razer Serpent Cloak has three different tiers, and can drop from the following regions:

  • The Razer Serpent Wrap (Tier 1), can be found in the Farbane Woods area.
    The Razer Serpent Cloak (Tier 2), can be found in the Dunley Farmlands and Cursed Forest areas.
    The Razer Serpent Mantle (Tier 3), can be found in the Silverlight Hills area.

Anyone with the ability to craft the Razer items can also drop them on the ground for others to pick up, meaning that you can ask around to see if someone is willing to make the item for you as well.

It is currently unknown if the Razer DLC will come back to V Rising, but thankfully the developers have made the items accessible even for players who couldn’t grab the DLC originally around November 2022.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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