Is Playstation Finally Getting HBO Go?

hbo go boardwalk empire

In a discovery from Superannuation, it seems like Playstation devices might finally be getting the HBO Go app, which has long been rumored to be coming to the Playstation 3.

In his findings, he discovered the following code in the HBO Go website’s XML file:


He also pointed out that on their CVs, several current HBO employees have worked on a Playstation 3 version of the app, and two former HBO staffers — who stopped working on the project in March and July, specifically point out that they worked on the launch of a PS3 version of the app.

Clearly an indication of the app making it to Playstation 3 in some fashion. Although I don’t have cable TV, I do miss the content of HBO, so if the app came to Playstation I’d naturally be happy as it would join Netflix as a regularly accessed program.

Now I just need Cartoon Network to make their own streaming app.


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