Into The Dim is a Gameboy-Inspired Dungeon Crawler Launching this Month

The Nintendo Gameboy was known for many feats but is fondly remembered for its visual interface of black and bronzed visuals, as well as its distinct music. From that kind of style comes Into the Dim from Eastern-Europe based Happy Magenta Games.

The studio, known for Fist of Fury, Hyper Swiper, and various utility apps have brought a game seemingly lost in time and plucked into the present.

Into the Dim is a dungeon crawler, where a young boy and his dog must traverse a village and the world below to solve its dangerous mysteries. The game features fixed levels but does contain a variety of rogue-like elements as well.

The game’s combat is a combination of turn-based and real time combat on a grid. Players get three turns to make their moves and dispatch monsters, however, the enemies have the same rules as well. The combat can be described as similar to the sci-fi game Nova-111 from Curve Digital.

Look for Into The Dim on iOS platforms on December 16th, 2015.



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