Interspecies Reviewers Limited Edition Blu-Ray Drops in Japan

The first limited edition Blu-ray for the controversial series Interspecies Reviewers (Ishuzoku Reviewers) has dropped in Japan.

Online import retailer J-List announced the new listing on their official Twitter, informing customers that the limited edition Blu-ray will be “100% uncensored, with tons of extras.”

The censorship of Interspecies Reviewers has been a concern for fans after some Japanese channels stopped their broadcast, and localization company Funimation canceled its simulcast on their service for “falling outside of their standards”.

Interspecies Reviewers began as a manga series in 2016, and follows a group of friends as they explore the various brothels that populate their fantasy world. They try new experiences and post their reviews from the perspective of their species and personal preferences.

You can find the full product description (via J-List) below.

One of the most impressive anime in years, Interspecies Reviewers is about “adventurers” who go on a very different kind of adventure: to brothels, which they write reviews about!

We’re happy to see the full uncensored release of Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers), the super anime that famously got canceled from Funimation and other broadcast TV channels for having too much sexual content. Now you can get all that content with nothing censored or removed with the awesome limited Blu-ray release!

This special boxed set contains

. the first four episodes on region-free Blu-ray in full quality
. an original package designed by character designer Makoto Unoma
. a large boxed package
. a 20 page comic and storyboard collection booklet
. the “non-credit” (textless) OP and ED in full 1080p quality
. original soundtrack CD
. an additional character booklet

The limited edition Blu-ray for Interspecies Reviewers is available now via J-List, and other retail importers. While the first Blu-ray set only includes the first four episodes, the release date and features for the rest of the Blu-ray series have yet to be announced.

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