Interesting Character Details Emerge For Breath of Fire 6

With the fact that the game is a mobile phone based RPG, fans aren’t too enthused about the next installment of Capcom’s Breath of Fire series…though with recent revelations about the game’s characters, that may soon change. Thanks to Japanese game site 4Gamer and a clever translator, some curious details have emerged concerning the game’s playable roster.

Two characters have caught people’s attention, the first being the Blue-haired wolf Gilliam and the second being Amyria, an erudite female companion of the main character. What makes this so intriguing is that Gilliam was the name of the anthropomorphic wolf character who used a bow in the original game. Causing further speculation and eyebrow-raising is Amyria, who many feel is a new incarnation of the Breath of Fire 1 and 3 end boss Myria. A little foreshadowing, perhaps?

Along with these character details, Capcom also made mention of the new town-building mini game which requires the player to rebuild their home village after it is destroyed during the opening moments of the story. Though done before in the series, this does suggest that the game will be a bit deeper than your typical mobile phone game.

Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon will arrive in Japan this summer for phones, tablets and PCs…though no western release is planned at this time. If the game turns out to “do right” by the series, perhaps fan interest will change that.



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