Intel Puts “I’m a Mac” Guy in New Ad Campaign Praising PCs, Making Fun of Macs

Intel Puts "I'm a Mac" Guy in New Ad Campaign Praising PCs,

If you were around in the 2000s, you probably saw the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials that aired on TV. The ads were pushed by Apple to make Mac computers look more hip and Windows PCs look old and embarrassing. Now, Intel has hired the “I’m a Mac” guy for their new campaign praising PCs while dissing Macs.

The ad starts with the familiar white background and former “I’m a Mac” guy actor Justin Long giving a brief introduction. “Hello I’m a… Justin” he awkwardly says prior to walking off screen and introducing a new line of Windows PCs sporting Intel chipsets.

Here’s the new advertising spot:

Long makes a quick jab at the new Apple laptops, noting they come in “gray and grayer”, and another ad also pokes fun at Apple’s lack of touchscreen options in Macs, also their lack of 2-in-1 style computers that allow you to use them as tablets or traditional laptops.

The best of the new ads is definitely this ad that makes fun of users that buy a Mac for video games, quipping that “no one really games on a Mac.”

While more games have been supporting Mac OS in recent years, the number pales in comparison to the thousands of games that hit PC on the regular.

The new Intel ad campaign is a response to Apple’s re-hiring of the “I’m a PC” actor John Hodgman in another new ad campaign to push their new Arm-based M1 chipsets.

Apple is putting the new M1 chips in their new computers instead of Intel chips, which they historically included exclusively in their previous offerings.

Do you primarily game and/or do work on a Windows PC? Do you own a Mac or have you ever owned one? If you’ve chosen one or the other, do you prefer Intel or AMD chips? Sound off in the comments below!

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