Intel i7-10700K Clocked over 5GHz Leaked via Geekbench


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Details of one of Intel’s new Comet Lake-S series CPUs, the Intel i7-10700K, has just leaked online, clocked at over 5GHz.

While Geekbench is an older and generally not ideal application for benchmarking, it is a simple and widely used test none the less. Twitter user Tum Apisak found the upcoming CPU via datamining the Geekbench database. Along with the i7-10700K, they also found details on the i5-10600K, and the i5-10600KF.

From what they show [1, 2], the CPU is cabable of hitting 5GHz like previous models. This is assuming that the turbo requirements are met.

The 8 core 16 thread part recorded scores of 34,221, and 6,018 points in the multi-core and single core benchmark respectively. This is still slower than current i9 9900Ks that are in the wild, which are generally around 6,020-6,11 for single core and multicore scores around 35,000. This could be due to this being pre-release hardware, having a lower TDP.

For comparison, the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X generally sits around 5,700 in single core, and around 35,000 to 37,000 for the multicore. The 3800X is currently available on Amazon for under $340.

Earlier leaks claim the i7 10700K is expected to be at around $400 USD. Comet Lake-S series may also launch around mid to late June, though this could change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Niche Gamer’s Take: This should be just an improved version of the current i9 9900K, at a lower TDP, and a $100 price drop; which is definitely an improvement. It’s also hard to really dig into performance properly on something like Geekbench, which is good for general performance but not for deeper insight.

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