Insane Guilty Gear Xrd EVO 2015 Match Shows Up on Sports Center

We’ve covered video games making an appearance in the mainstream media, like Ibuki from Touhou Project making a hilarious cameo on ESPN, however a recent match at this year’s EVO might take the cake.

Featured above, you can view the playback on Sports Center of the match between professional Japanese Guilty Gear Xrd players Woshige, and Ogawa. Towards the 0:55 second mark, Woshige gets up defiantly from his chair and starts prematurely celebrating his victory.

There was a problem, though, as there was still one more round to go, and Ogawa pummeled Woshige as he scrambled to get back into his chair. You can hear the commentary blasting away at this point, screaming things like “WHY?!” and “WOSHIGE, NOT LIKE THIS!!”

In Woshige’s defense, he was dangerously close to losing in the previous round, however later he came back in a big way, only to perhaps get too excited and think he won the final match.

Ogawa later won the tournament, while Woshige proceeded into the loser’s bracket and secured third place.

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