Cooperative roguelite RPG Inkbound gets new gameplay trailer


Shiny Shoe have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming cooperative roguelite RPG, Inkbound.

In Inkbound, players get a chance to dive into a world where stories come to life, and must stop the mysterious forces seeking to unravel the universe. Inkbound‘s combat comes in the form of turn-based tactical battles, where each member of your party controls their own character. Players will get to plot out their turns, spending mana to cast abilities and chain together combos. Once everyone is out of mana, the enemies get a chance to activate and retaliate.

You can see some of the basics of combat and character progression in the trailer below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Inkbound is a co-op roguelike RPG that brings the best aspects of Shiny Shoe’s award-winning title, Monster Train, to a world where stories come to life. An unknown force begins to unbind these stories and the worlds they create. It’s up to you and your friends to protect them.

Discover the magical Atheneum and the infinite worlds contained within to protect it and become the fabled Inkbound. Or break free from your station and unravel the real story behind your creation.

Arm yourself with the brute strength of a Magma Miner or the swift attacks of a Mosscloak to survive. Embark on procedurally generated runs and weigh the risks of one path versus the potential rewards of others. Choose wisely, your survival depends on it.

From a hat shaped like an astronaut cat to bat wings, unlock new amazing items with each run. Fight through rich, atmospheric worlds with outfits that will be sure to impress your fellow warriors!

Experience a gripping story and combat that changes monthly, weekly, even daily! A living game, no two days are the same in the expanding world of Inkbound.

Learn exciting ability Bindings, choose powerful forgotten Memories, and equip loot from legends to become the Inkbound hero no one thought you could be. And a bonus feature you loved in Monster Train: discover hundreds of character builds by mixing and matching classes.

Inkbound releases in 2023 for Windows PC via Steam.



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