INK is a Dastardly Mash-up of Super Meat Boy and The Unfinished Swan

INK is an indie game created by Zack Bell for Ludum Dare 32. The elevator pitch for the game is The Unfinished Swan meets Super Meat Boy, and you can view a bit of it in action just above.

While the original prototype was small in size, Bell continued to work on it for three weeks, building it up into a larger experience, currently totaling roughly 40 levels filled with traps, hazards, and enemies. The game is currently only available for Windows, although it supports both mouse+keyboard or gamepad controls.

The biggest thing you’ll notice about INK is that all of the level is invisible to the player – double jumps and bumping into terrain will reveal the invisible labyrinth that you’ll have to navigate through various levels. You can strategically use double jumps to coat the terrain with ink, as each double jump shoots out ink bullets all around you.

The current build of INK is available on, for $3.99. Zach is hoping to get the game greenlit on Steam, and if greenlit, he’ll flesh the game out further and add mechanics he couldn’t make available in previous releases.

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