Information and Screenshots Released for Luminous Arc Infinity’s Battle Systems [UPDATE]

luminous arc infinity 2015-03-11 4[UPDATE: according to the game’s website, a “nostalgic song” will be available as a free download on the day that the game goes on sale.]

Luminous Arc Infinity, the upcoming sequel in the tactical RPG Luminous Arc series, was announced last year in September, at a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan press conference (watch the teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement here), and there’s been virtually nothing about it since.

Whatever the reason for the silence, publisher Marvelous have released new details and screenshots for the game on the its official website. We’ve collected that all below.

Luminous Arc Infinity will have a mix of story sections, and quests and battles, and will have multiple, different endings for players to discover.

During the story sections, before and after battles, players will have the opportunity to engage their teammates in order to increase the characters’ bonds, through a typical visual novel system.

Battles begin with a “Battle Briefing” segment, in which players will choose which characters they wish to take with them into the fight. Supporting characters will have unique commands and customizable abilities of which to take advantage, with options also differing depending on the weapon equipped to a character.

In the battle proper, characters will be able to use songs, including “Calling” songs, which are used to buff allies within their vicinity. Calling increases attack damage, the effectiveness of abilities, and more. An “Ensembling” system, which can join multiple character songs (starting with Solo, and transitioning to Duet, Trio, or even Quartet) will stack song effects, too.

A magical energy, Lapis, exists in the game world, which heroines can accumulate by singing songs. Once enough Lapis is accumulated, characters can use ultimate abilities called “Lapis Bursts”, which deal more damage than normal attacks. Each character has a unique Lapis Burst.

Luminous Arc Infinity is currently being developed for the Playstation Vita, and has no release date yet.

[Editor’s note: the article incorrectly stated that Imageepoch was the developer for this title.]

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