Indonesia blocks Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store and more

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New regulations in Indonesia have had a major effect on a large number of online companies like Steam, Origin, and more.

Among them in the gaming sphere are storefronts such as Steam, Origin, and Epic Games Store. Other major companies that are included in the new block due to regulations are Amazon and Paypal.

These new regulations (via Niko Partners) have been put in place by Kominfo, the Indonesian ministry of communication and information technology. They’ve required that companies operating within the country must register with Kominfo by July 29 or face “a formal warning, a monetary fine, and access termination.”

As that date as now come and gone, it’s clear that a large number of companies have failed to comply and thus have gotten access termination. There is no information if they’ve received the other listed punishments.

However it should be noted that this is not permanent in any manner. Companies would have to get themselves registered and compliant to the new regulations set and access will be restored in the country. Kominfo has reportedly already reached out to affected companies to try and get them compliant and therefore reverse the block.

Indonesia is a massive source of revenue for the gaming industry with a reported $1 billion market value and over 170 million users. It’s clear that at least the gaming companies affected by this will work towards getting their services back to being available once more.

What do you think of this news? Are you someone living in Indonesia and has been affected by the sudden loss of access to places such as Steam, Origin, or Epic Games Store?

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