Indivisible – Razmi’s Challenges DLC Now Available


Lab Zero Games have released the first piece of DLC for Indivisible, dubbed Razmi’s Challenges.

Razmi’s Challenges introduces 40 bite-sized challenge levels hosted by Razmi. The challenges vary in difficulty and are scattered throughout the game, often focusing on new mechanics and abilities as they are unlocked.

You can find the Razmi’s Challenged DLC Launch Trailer below.

Razmi’s Challenges is available for $8.99.

You can find a rundown of the new content (via Steam) below:

What is Razmi’s Challenges?
Razmi’s Challenges is a paid DLC pack that adds bite-size challenge levels to the game, emphasizing mechanics that are used across the main game, including more advanced combinations of maneuvers.
It’s hosted by everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Razmi with plenty of comic dialogue between her and Ajna.

Story Outline

Razmi has decided to annoy Ajna by challenging her to do something impossible, promising a “reward.” Ajna accepts the first challenge and after the player succeeds at it, Razmi claims it was part of 40 things you have to do, but Ajna remains optimistic and is willing to go through all of them. Razmi is discouraged by Ajna’s continued success but is determined to make Ajna look foolish, so keeps coming up with new absurd challenges. As the player continues, other fan-favorite characters tell Razmi that it is getting to be too much, which Razmi stubbornly ignores.

As we reach the conclusion, Razmi starts to feel bad about it because Ajna is having a tough time but she’s in too deep to tell Ajna it was all a ruse. When the player finishes all the challenges, Razmi will actually go to the bother of rustling up a present, but Ajna will reveal she figured it out a while ago, isn’t that dumb and knows there’s no reward, but it was fun training together. Razmi says she’ll keep the reward to herself. Ajna insists on receiving whatever it is.

  • Missions are gated by players’ current story progress. These will be spread across the game for players starting from early on, with new sets of challenges unlocked at points in the story where they learn new abilities.
  • DLC will begin for players on a new save file once they have added Razmi to the party.

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Indivisible is available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via GOG, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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