Indie shooter Deep State infiltrates Afghanistan, inspired by Deus Ex

Deep State

An indie game named Deep State that combines elements from Deus Ex and GoldenEye is delivering a retro-style FPS experience.

The first-person shooter takes clear inspiration from titles such as Deus Ex and GoldenEye, what with it’s level-start animation, the hotkey toolbar, and mechanics.

Much like the old Deus Ex, there are different pathways players can take to reach objectives, and stealth is also an option (though, the demo currently lacks “proper stealth mechanics”).

Deep State has players taking on the role of an ex-CIA operative whose comrade died during a mission in Afghanistan four years prior to the current day. The operative’s partner has now seemingly come back to life, and players must delve deeper and find out what’s happening.

Here’s a video showing off the game’s pre-alpha build:

Deep State‘s pre-alpha demo can be played via PC now, and a release date wasn’t specified.



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