Indie developer makes his own Attack on Titan game

Attack on Titan fan game

Sporting an impressive movement system and cooperative multiplayer, this Attack on Titan fan game is the real deal.

The independent Unreal Engine project titled Swammy’s Attack on Titan Fan Game seeks to recreate the show’s environments and massive monsters.

The purpose of the game was to serve as a physics test for Swammy’s upcoming title, Mecha Attack, but evolved into a unique Fan Game as people were really impressed with its quality.

You can read more about it below:

This Attack On Titan Fan Game was made as a fun side project to explore physics and the potential replication of them for my current main project AFTERSHOCK (was working on a grapple system).

Being a big fan of Shingeki No Kyojin I decided to download the art assets from Guedin’s project as he released them for free as he decided to not continue with his project.

Making use of public assets from a cancelled fan game, Swammy’s project quickly grew in scope and became a viral TikTok and Twitter sensation.

Swammy still updates the game, but most of his current focus seem to be going towards Mecha Attack, which is more character-action-focused.

You can find the demo for Swammy’s Attack on Titan Fan Game on Gamejolt.



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