In Win Announces PC Case You Can Play Tetris and More On

InWin have launched the 309 Gaming Edition Mid Tower Case; complete with enough LEDs to play classic games like Tetris on the case.

The case features 144 RGB LEDs on its front panel, so many in fact you can actually play legally distinct games such as 309 Racing, Magi Jump, and Blox. Users can even create their own animations.

Here is what In Win has to say in their press release.

InWin today announced availability of its upgraded 309 Gaming Edition mid tower ATX PC chassis, which features a unique front panel equipped with 144 addressable LEDs that allow owners to play three classically inspired games using its exclusive gamepad. InWin’s innovative, addressable RGB LED front panel is a vivid display that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. Using InWin’s latest GLOW X software, it allows users to completely customize the LED arrangement in a personal expression, which includes creating animations of up to 40 frames,10 times more than the original 309. There are also eight built-in lighting modes that can be easily changed, while the customization mode provides a simple, intuitive interface. A new internal microphone can also react to sounds and voices with reactionary lighting effects.

Four premium InWin Saturn ASN120 fans are pre-installed in the system, offering a complete package for gamers to jump straight in and build their new PCs. With superb airflow-to-noise ratio and soft ARGB lighting. Users can control the Saturn ASN120 fan speed and lighting via either GLOW X software or motherboard lighting software where available. Each Saturn ASN120 fan provides up to a powerful 77.17CFM of airflow and 3.12 mm/H2O static pressure that’s ideal for liquid cooling radiators. At typical speeds, they operate at an extremely quiet 25 dBA. InWin’s patented modular connectors allow the fans to daisy-chain for simpler, neater cable management.

The 309 Gaming Edition provides placement for up to seven fans and versatile accommodation for liquid cooling: two 360 mm radiators (3x120mm) and a rear 120 mm fan, in an optimized airflow layout. The unique top chamber design houses the PSU and up to three of the fans, for effective airflow and heat exhaust. Other thoughtful design features include tempered glass side panel with tool-less removal, GPU holder support and dust filters that can be easily removed for cleaning.

The front I/O is placed along the side edge of the front panel for easy access. It includes an USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jacks and LED control buttons. Supports up to E-ATX motherboards with seven PCI-Express slots, all while cooling hardware like the GPUs, add-in cards or M.2 SSDs by receiving direct airflow from any floor-mounted fans, keeping them cooler.

Niche Gamer’s Take: Yeah we’ve got to this level of RGB madness. That being said it actually does look kind of cool for a gaming room type gimmick factor.

Depending on the price this could be a pretty decent case; and even when the wow factor wears off you can always turn off the RGB lights. Overall this seems like a decent PC Case that has a really gimmicky feature. After all, how long are you going to want to play a Tetris clone on your PC case?

Overall we are going to keep our eyes on this one. For more info check their webpage.

Source: Techpowerup

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