In Net High, Ladies will Reward You for Trolling People Online


We’ve gotten another look at Marvelous’ Net High, their upcoming internet trolling adventure game for PS Vita.

Net High is a game that takes place in a social networking obsessed near-future Japan where you play as low-ranking guy who’s mission is to expose the secrets of supposed “Riajuu” (socialites, or those who live fulfilling lives).

In case you missed it, we got some more info on what Net High’s gameplay will be like (via Famitsu).

Net High’s basic structure can be broken down into four phases.

1. Introduction: In this part you’re introduced to your target. You’re given a glimpse into their fulfilling life and what kind of personality traits they possess.

2. Investigation: Move between various hot spots around town such as the shopping district or the convenience store to gather helpful information about your target.


3. ENJ Battles (aka Flame Wars): Blow apart the Riajuu’s clever ruse using the information you gathered in the previous phase.

4. The Riajuu Experience: Take advantage of the fact you met a girl during the previous battle and experience what it’s like to be a Riajuu.

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During the Investigation phase you will have several tools at your disposal to gather information and juicy gossip about your Riajuu target. Take the info you got from Net NARCS and the like, and then hit the streets to find evidence and skeletons from their past that you can use to find holes in their story and blow apart the Riajuu’s ruse later on in battle.

Method 1: Trolling Tweeter
Troll Tweeter and make various superfluous statements in order to bait replies that will give you helpful gossip and even garner more followers in the process.



Method 2: Life Log Search

In Net High, the main character has a set augmented reality glasses known as “Mega Nexus” that allows him to see where people have been and show various clues in the form of pop-up bubbles that can result in finding more gossip.

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Method 3: Fuse Inspiration

Take the gossip you found from Life Log Search and trolling Tweeter and start connecting the dots to discover new tidbits of info and gossip about your target.


The Fruits of your Labor: The Riajuu Experience

A win over your target during an ENJ Battle will result in the ultimate prize, the chance to win over her heart. Keep in mind that the main character is an anti-Riajuu, so winning over her heart won’t be an easy task. You will need to engage in conversation and get close to her to raise up your points.

Her reaction will change depending on how many followers you have on Tweeter, so make sure not to neglect that part as well. Raise your points up high enough and you’ll be rewarded with the ability to give her head pats, kabe-don, and even putting your head in her lap!

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Net High is launching for PS Vita in Japan on November 26th.



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