In Gigahurts, You Get to Control a Multi-tasking Computer

gigahurts ss 1

Semag Studio is an indie developer based out of Niche Gamer’s back yard in southern New Jersey, and they have a very interesting iOS title up their sleeves, called simply Gigahurts.

If you’ve ever owned a computer and you’ve noticed it crunching along, hammering away at those transistors as it tries to juggle your 30 browser tabs, skype call, illegal torrenting, and of course, World of Warcraft in windowed mode, you probably wondered at least once how the computer feels when it’s trying to carry the enormous processing load you’re consistently throwing at it.

No? It was just me that thought about that? Well, either way, Semag has a game for you, where you play as the computer itself as you struggle to support various programs and functionality. Juggling all of these programs equates to balancing your system resources.

Run out of resources, and your program will crash. If too many of your programs crash, you get a game over, as your system is dead, and it’s all your fault. There are many modes to the game as well, most notably story mode, where you play through the.. logic boards of various computers starting from the 60s, all the way to current generation Haswell processors.

There’s even a custom mode, where you can create your own system and even set up your own levels. The game will feature online leaderboards, so naturally you’ll be wanting to create the best performing system amongst all of your peers, just like in real life, right?

Gigahurts is launching tomorrow for iOS devices, and will be available on other mobile platforms later.



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