In Conception II, You’re the Baby-Making Messiah

Conception II Chloe SS 1
So, we’ve covered how wacky and downright full of fanservice Conception II is here before, but we haven’t gone over how the story works. Thankfully, Spike Chunsoft has released two videos that walk us through various things in the game:

The story is centered around a teenager (you can name him) who is a Marebito, aka the Messiah who must save the world – via making babies with seven girls. One of them (Chloe), is pictured above at the top of this article. They all have normal clothes and battle armor, although their battle armor isn’t much protection at all – if you catch my drift.

You do this while using this magic machine to make your children “Star Children”, who can fight for you when you enter dungeons and fight monsters. A big addition to the sequel is being able to bring your waifus with you into dungeons so the entire family can fight together!

Here’s where things get interesting – there are seven dungeons in the game, they’re all themed after the seven deadly sins. The game uses a positioning system, much like steampunk JRPG End of Eternity, in which attacking your enemies from different angles will let you target their weak spots.

Star Children apparently come in different classes and can be separated into teams of three. If you put certain classes together, they can perform combination attacks in battle.

Next, they show off the infamous “Love Machine” and no, it’s not quite what you thought. Apparently it makes silhouettes of the protagonist and his chosen waifu hold hands and voila! A STAR BABY IS BORN. Naturally, the child will look different and have different stats depending on his mother.

Conception II is coming to Vita and 3DS on August 22nd in Japan. I can’t imagine a company crazy enough to localize this game so plan on importing!


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