Imagination is the Only Escape


Brandon told me I needed to come up with wittier article titles to entice your clicking, but I really like the title of this game. It’s interesting enough on it’s own. Imagination is the Only Escape is an adventure game for PC, Mac, and Android about a kid named Samuel surviving the horrors of the Holocaust though the magic of escapism.

This game is potentially important for a lot of reasons. We really don’t have a lot of World War 2 that even acknowledge that the Holocaust was a thing that happened, which at this point is disturbing considering how many World War 2 games exist. It’s also interesting from the stand point that it’s a game about a child coping with trauma through escapism.

That’s got to be able to hit home for a lot of gamers who have grown into adults that have adopted escapism not merely as a coping mechanism but a life style choice. There’s certainly an opportunity to explore some uncomfortable topics, and feel uncomfortable feelings.  Plus Luc Bernard, the game’s creative director, totally looks like a sensitive 90’s alt rocker, look at that hair! Lovely!

Seriously, the game has the potential to be something new and important, and you can potentially be a part of that. The game is presently seeking funding on Indiegogo and is quite a ways from reaching it’s funding goal, so do that thing you do and make awesome games happen.

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