Ikumi Nakamura’s new studio UNSEEN announces KEMURI


Former Tango Gameworks director Ikumi Nakamura’s new studio UNSEEN announced their first title – KEMURI, a brand new IP developed by Nakamura herself.

Details like a release date or release platforms weren’t confirmed, but it blends traditional Japanese folklore with modern culture and anime aesthetics – and is quite stylish.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

KEMURI summons you into a realm where the unpredictable meets the extraordinary in an urban jungle where mysterious creatures – YOKAI – hide amongst the population. Become a YOKAI HUNTER and use your FOX WINDOW to unravel the mysteries of the city and bring balance to the world. Dive into a thrilling adventure alone or with friends, hunt yokai in style, collect their powers and face even greater challenges.

KEMURI’s world is a blend of traditional Japanese folklore, modern culture, anime aesthetics and international flair where supernatural wonders exist just beyond the vision of ordinary people. This world challenges yokai hunters to confront existential themes and moral dilemmas as they track and fight their prey in fast paced combat. Collect a wide range of yokai – some malevolent, some friendly – to transform your appearance and access their paranormal abilities.

Sprint, soar and hunt across a chaotic vertical city, meet otherworldly characters and experience a breathtaking anime world that exists in the space between our realm and the unknown.

Where there are sightings of KEMURI…yokai are sure to follow. The only question that remains is: How will you HUNT the UNSEEN?



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