IEM Cologne 2023

The list of cs go tournaments is quite large. But we can highlight a few of the most interesting and large cs go premier tournaments


Intel Extreme Masters

IEM is one of the most upscale cs go online tournaments in the esports world. IEM is held in different parts of the world and for different games. IEM is not only cs go esports tournaments. This event is considered one of the most prestigious in the world and includes several games. Intel Extreme Masters includes League of Legends, StarCraft II, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, and others.

These cs go premier tournaments are held in different regions of the world. America, Europe, Asia, and even Australia invite esports fans. For example, csgo pro tournaments are a series of qualifying stages. We can watch all cs:go tournaments matches online. 


Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is an annual esports cs go premier tournaments. It is held in Germany. The event is organized by ESL (Electronic Sports League). IEM Cologne is also on the list of ESL Pro Tour events.

The next event is IEM Cologne 2023. The social strike global offensive tournament will be held in an updated format. Now the teams will meet online cs go tournaments after a long pause. Only those who showed themselves as professional esports player will be able to take part. Of all cs go tournaments — IEM Cologne will be an important milestone for teams who want to take the IGS prize pool. The Cologne tournament in July is one of the main criteria for winning the esports tournament season.

We can see the schedule of the counter strike tournament right now


The organizers announced that the start will be on July 25, and the end of the tournament is scheduled for August 6. All the battles of this esports event will be held at LANXESS arena. In the long term, these cs go online tournaments may become the largest in the discipline of CS 2. However, more accurate information as of today is not yet available. We can only make assumptions based on past tournaments. It seems that cs go major tournaments will always attract the attention of thousands of spectators from all over the world. In addition, the tournament is also an important event for top teams and players. Participants come to Cologne to demonstrate their skills and compete for the prize money. The cash prize is usually several million dollars.


Teams will meet in two rounds, divided into groups and playoffs. The winner of the first group will go straight to the finals. And the second-place team will go on to the quarterfinals, where they will battle the other third-place finishers. Teams that finished second will have priority sowing.

In the playoffs, the players will fight on the principle of Single Elimination as standard. Champions who made it to the quarters and semi-finals will compete for the championship in the b03 format.

The final stage of IEM will be held in a best-of-5 format. The most interesting thing awaits the first three winners. The tournament prize fund will be 1 million dollars. Accordingly, the gold, silver, and bronze medalists will get the most out of the indicated budget of the competition.

At the moment, we know that the winners of IEM 2023 in Rio, Katowice, as well as EPL S17 will take part in the biggest counter strike tournament.


Among them is the Vitality team, which managed to win first place in Rio. Also, the G2 team that won the Polish IEM will take part in the IEM. We will also see Faze players who have already won many prizes in international tournaments. 

Details and dates of IEM Cologne 2023 will be announced later.

Next csgo events that are similar in level to Intel Extreme Masters are ESL One, DreamHack Masters, BLAST Pro Series. These cs go online tournaments for free and also gather the best teams in the world and offer a high level of organization and production. All events use large-scale stages, extensive media platforms for live streaming, and the ability to view results all the time. Here you can be sure that all cs go tournaments rules are followed. You will have no problem where to watch cs go tournaments. In addition, these online cs go tournaments have a huge fan base and offer many entertaining and interactive features for viewers. 


Winning cs go major tournaments is a significant achievement for any player and his team. Participating in the next csgo event will also help members attract new sponsors and become even better known.

Watching cs go major tournaments is a great way to spend time and get a lot of positive emotions. The matches immerse you in the world of esports. Get a deep understanding of the processes that take place in the game.

Watching esports cs go tournaments gives people the opportunity to see the best players in the world who demonstrate a high level of skill. Be stronger than your opponents — learn new tactics and strategies. Use the experience of the professionals in the game, show, and discover new opportunities with your teammates. 

Fans are also offered a unique opportunity to support their favorite teams and players. Create and develop a community of like-minded people. This too will serve as a source of additional motivation and inspiration.

Watch online cs go tournaments to develop skills in the game. Those who want to create a career and work in the esports industry. Next csgo event will serve as an excellent choice for aspiring commentators, analysts, and journalists. Such specialists get valuable experience and better understand the world of professional esports.


Have an interesting time and get a lot of useful knowledge about esports. You’ll be able to apply them to your everyday life.

Technology doesn’t stand still. The year 2023 could be the beginning of reality. We can assume the introduction of new tools for analyzing game data, which will make esports broadcasting more informative and engaging for viewers.

In 2023, esports will continue its expansion and attract more players, fans, and investors. This will confirm cs go tournament’s status as a modern and growing sports industry world. Get involved in the game and stay up to date.


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