HyperX Cozy Cat Keycap Coco goes on sale January 26 for a limited time


By limited time we mean a narrow 48 hour window. Once the Cozy Cat Keycap Coco from peripheral manufacturer HyperX goes on sale, it’ll be gone for good after the window is up.

With more gamers turning to mechanical keyboards for performance and aesthetic reasons, an opportunity to customize your hardware with designer keycaps presents itself.

The Cozy Cat Coco keycap is part of HyperX’s limited edition collection and new keycaps are available every month.

But what are you getting? HyperX sent us a sample to examine and it’s admittedly a nice keycap. It has a low profile which makes typing easy, and since it’s for the ESC key it’s not very obstructive.

The colors are vibrant and well saturated which gives the impression that it won’t fade easily even with tons of use. Even if it does, the keycap comes with a 1 year warranty according to the HyperX website.

Cozy Cat, Warm Vibes

Some days, it’s just too cold, even indoors. On those days, we recommend curling up in a blanket and maximally relaxing, a mood that Cozy Cat certainly supports. Decked out in its favorite beanie and scarf, Cozy Cat is the perfect accessory to help spread warm vibes. This keycap accessory is compatible with HyperX and most mechanical gaming keyboards.

The keycap is also polished or otherwise touched up so that it’s not obviously 3D printed. Some 3D printers leave this grain-like texture where the layers of plastic or resin where printed atop one another.

Instead it’s smooth to the touch and lacks any obvious flaws or remnants from the manufacturing process.

Ultimately it’s a cute little collectible if you want to decorate your keyboard, and even though it’s seasonal HyperX will be coming out with more limited edition keycaps in the future.

About HyperX

For 20 years, HyperX’s mission has been to develop gaming solutions for every type of gamer and the
company is consistently recognized for delivering products that provide superb comfort, aesthetics,
performance, and reliability. Under the tagline of “WE’RE ALL GAMERS,” HyperX gaming headsets,
keyboards, mice, USB microphones, and console accessories are the choice of everyday gamers as well as
celebrity ambassadors, pro gamers, tech enthusiasts, streamers and influencer

The Cozy Cat Coco keycap will go on sale January 26 at 9 a.m. EST and will be available for 48 hours or until supplies last.


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