Insect fantasy RPG Hymn to the Earless God launches Kickstarter

Hymn to the Earless God

Dark fantasy RPG Hymn to the Earless God is seeking to be funded through Kickstarter.

The game is nearing 50% funding, and you can find the Kickstarter page here. You can also try the game’s demo on right now, to see if you want to support the game’s full release.

Hymn to the Earless God has an estimated release date of August 2026, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Four characters. Four stories. Four calamities. A dark future awaits a dying alien world in Hymn to the Earless God, the next fantasy RPG from Starseed and Kasey Ozymy, creator of cult hit Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. Set on a strange planet where the World Tree lies fallen and a bloodthirsty empire hollows out its fallen trunk, follow the stories of four unlikely insectoid protagonists as they fight against fate in a cruel and unforgiving world.

The boldest of adventurers can support the development of Hymn to the Earless God on Kickstarter, and all who want to follow its development can wishlist it on Steam for info and updates. Steal a glimpse at the encroaching darkness in the gameplay debut trailer below:

The world of Gloom is sick and dying. The ravenous and cruel Verrick Horde expands through the trunk of the world tree, and its slave workers devour each other, seeking to ascend from servitude to glory and power among the Queen’s chosen. Here begins one of four interwoven stories. In the demo, play as Pox the Vile, lowest of the low. One-eyed, one-armed and with enough ambition and spite to face any threat. Will you devour your way to the top or join the innumerable forgotten below? Experience the start of his story here.

Also in the demo, explore the story of Capella, chosen scion of the Moonlight Family. Join her holy pilgrimage and battle through a spider-infested forest with the aid of her two loyal retainers for a taste of the deep and satisfying tactical combat in Hymn of the Earless God.

In the full game, two other playable characters await their stories to be told. Join Phlegm, a street-smart, crossbow-wielding Skyx looking to make some easy money. Lastly, learn the story of Shear, a Reiken’O swordsmistress awaiting her own ritualistic suicide. Each of these four unlikely protagonists will face their own threats and calamities liable to end the world of Gloom.

Hymn to the Earless God is deep in development, but there’s a long road yet to go. If fully funded on Kickstarter, Starseed aim to release the full version around August of 2026. The initial funding target is $120,000, with stretch goals enabling the development of additional game modes, post-game optional bosses and additional mercenary characters to recruit.



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