HuniePop 2 to be Censored Due to Steam Policies

HunieDev has confirmed via Twitter that HuniePop 2 will be censored on Steam.

The announcement does make it seem likely that an uncensoring patch will be available. The full quote is as follows:

“I’ve been mulling it over ever since the censorship issue last year and I’ve decided that HP2 will launch with nudity censored on Steam just like HP1. Valve said it was fine but it’s become quite clear since then that it’s not. We cant help it if some madlad drops patch though”

One individual asked if Steam had rescinded its promise “allow everything“, an incident which occurred due to many developers being warned their adult anime games would be removed from Steam.

This would later be claimed to be an error, as adult submissions were merely supposed to be halted until a new filter system had been put in place.

Replying to the individual, HunieDev stated:

“Officially, no, but there’s been some shady shit going down. Several devs have had their games pulled or made more difficult to discover on the store. It sucks, but, hey, I give them credit for still giving us a home at all. I’m sure they are facing pressures we don’t understand.”

Hello Good-bye is one such game, banned even after the developers had censored themselves. Several other Visual Novels have also been banned since the new filter implementation, with Valve claiming those games featured or exploited minors.

Finally, the developer confirmed in other tweets the game would be uncensored from the start on platforms such as the Humble Bundle Store and Manga Gamer. We will keep you posted as this story develops.

HuniePop 2 is set to release 2019 on Windows PC and Mac.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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