Hunie Pop 2 Will Let Players Choose Polly’s Gender

After yesterday’s reveal of new character Polly Bendleson in Hunie Pop 2, “Hunie Dev” has confirmed via Twitter that players will be able to choose her gender.

In the trailer, the narrator (in the role of Kyu, one of the characters) describes Polly as “a classy and traditional lady who someday dreams of becoming the perfect housewife” who is also obsessed with girly things such as fashion and make-up. This then sets up the next line as more of a shock when the narrator states “also, she has a dick!”

This caused some initial confusion and/or outrage among the fans of the game. Most asked for clarity with Polly’s gender, and whether or not she was born with a dick, or transitioning to another gender.

HunieDev confirmed via Twitter that Polly was trans and biologically male. This caused uproar with some of the fans. Some were unhappy that the character had a dick in an otherwise all-female pornographic game, even before Polly was declared as trans. Others were unhappy that a trans character was in the game, whether it be because it was a turn-off for them or feeling it was forced inclusivity that some have felt is plaguing other games.

The developers then created a poll via StrawPoll.me, asking “Would you appericate some kind of option to 100% complete the game without having a sexual encounter with our new character Polly?”. While the tweet linking to the poll has been deleted, the poll as of this time of writing stands at 43% yes, 57% no (out of 8429 votes).

Hunie Dev posted a new tweet today, updating on the situation. It includes an image with text, bypassing Twitter’s character limit. In it, the text explains what happened after the news dropped.

This ended up causing a very split reaction that I, honest to god, did not expect. This is a character we’ve been asked for hundreds of times. I was very much under the impression that “girl with a dick” (whatever you want to call it) was a pretty universal interest/preference/fetish among Anime/Hentai/Visual Novel fans. I can’t even keep track of how many hentai’s I’ve seen where some chick all of a sudden breaks out a huge cock;a fantasy fetish that can be enjoyable on screen but that doesn’t necessarily translate to real life for everybody.

The post goes on to mention the aforementioned poll and how “For every person that’s into her, there’s a person that isn’t.” Hunie Dev then explains how he plans to keep all parties happy.

Being that our only job is to make a fun game that everyone can enjoy, I’ve decided to put the power in the hands of each player to choose the experience that best suits them. In the same way you can choose your own gender, you’ll be able to choose Polly’s gender. I’m not sure exactly how it’ll play out yet, but at some point before or during your first meeting with Polly, you’ll be asked to specify your preference and the game will take it from there. That’s it!

So if you’re into her as a trans girl, you’ll get the full trans Polly experience. if not, she’ll be a natural born lady just like the rest of the cast. I don’t care either way, you can choose one gender on your first play-through and the other on a subsequent play-through. Why not? Mix it up! More options, more fun.

It’ll require a little extra work on our part, but, that’s fine by us. Thank you very much for all the feedback, suggestions, and discussions on the matter. I know that no decision will ever satisfy 100% of the people but having the ability to choose for yourself seems like the best way to make the most players happy!

Hunie Pop 2 is set to release 2019 on PC and Mac.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.