“Hundreds” of Blizzard Entertainment Employees Draft Demands for Increased Pay and More

Blizzard Entertainment

Hundreds” of Blizzard Entertainment employees are reportedly drafting a list of demands for managers; including increased pay, and more.

We previously reported Bloomberg had obtained information that employees were dissatisfied with their raise in pay that came after the results of a study into the disparity in pay between executives and other employees.

Most had received a pay rise of less than 10%. This motivated one employee organizing a spreadsheet for employees to anonymously share their pay and pay rise.

A Blizzard Entertainment spokesperson told Bloomberg that “top performers” had a salary increase this year that was 20% more than prior years. More people were also promoted. Nonetheless, anonymous employees and those familiar with the situation told Blizzard claims that they were “struggling to make ends meet.”

This included skipping meals to pay rent, using the company’s free coffee to suppress their appetite, only eating oatmeal, and no longer talking about having children with their partner.

Now, Bloomberg reports from “people familiar with the initiative” that “hundreds” of Blizzard Entertainment employees are organizing a list of requests for the workplace; via the company’s own Slack server (which reportedly contains over 870 members).

These requests include (in Bloomberg’s words) “fair pay and increased sick time.” Other demands include changes in how promotions are “doled out,” more vacation time, and an increase in pay for the customer service and quality assurance departments.

The list of demands are set to be presented to management as early as next week. Blizzard Entertainment spokesman Dustin Blackwell told Bloomberg that they would review the (in Bloomberg’s words) “feedback,” and consider changes in pay.

“We will continue to adapt our compensation to build and keep the workforce our company needs today and tomorrow,” Blackwell reportedly stated  in an email. “We understand that some Blizzard employees have specific requests, and we look forward to hearing from them directly.”

After Bloomberg’s prior article, “several current and former Activision Blizzard employees” reportedly spoke to them anonymously. They further confirmed earlier claims that Blizzard Entertainment had paid “far less” that other companies (defined as “competitors” by Bloomberg). Some were allegedly paid 75% to 100% more at other companies.

Bloomberg also reports the aforementioned document of employee pay revealed “some” were paid less than $40,000 USD a year. Bloomberg notes that this is “less than half of the median household income in Irvine, California, where Blizzard’s main campus is based.” 

As noted by Bloomberg and by us in our prior report, this may have led to employees leaving the company. One source told Bloomberg “Our mentors are leaving in droves.” Employees also told Bloomberg they were disappointing that staff pay was not discussed with Activision Blizzard’s investors.

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