Top-down zombie survival game HumanitZ launches via early access


Survive the zombie apocalypse in HumanitZ, a newly released open world multiplayer game with a top-down perspective.

HumanitZ is available now on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

HumanitZ, the zombie-infested top-down, open world survival game with RPG elements from developer Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, evades the bite on PCs via Steam Early Access today.

Make it through each dangerous day in a world falling further apart. Save humanity from the brink of extinction, scrounging for resources and fending off any stray ‘zeeks’. Or, find peace in the chaos by farming, fishing, hunting, and avoiding the dangers of a dismal reality.

Customize a survivor with perks, stats, and firearms. Slow, lurching zeeks can overwhelm through sheer number, while others demand a more skilled hand and a clear strategy to take down. Make way through a bygone civilization, navigating tangled, dark wilderness and crumbling buildings in deserted cities with a variety of vehicles and ever-changing weather.

Craft whatever is needed, from life-saving gear to key consumables. Build a safe house from the ground up, or turn an abandoned building into a home to use as a hub while planning the next move. Work back up to the top of the food chain alone or rise up in online multiplayer with a squad of up to four survivalists, all hoping today won’t be their last.

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