How to play bingo on an app


One of the most popular games to play is bingo. It’s a fun and beginner friendly game that doesn’t require much skill to be able to play it. It’s been the nation’s favourite game for years now and has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

You used to only be able to play bingo at a designated bingo hall but with the influx of technology, times have changed. You can now play your favourite bingo games online and on mobile apps through such sites as 888 Ladies.

If you’re still unsure of how to play bingo, we’ll be taking you through all you need to know to get your game on.

Benefits of playing bingo on a mobile app

  • Available wherever you have internet connection

One of the best things about playing bingo on a mobile app is the ability to play wherever there is internet connection. Bingo halls used to be the only places you could play but that is now a thing of the past.

Bingo halls were great for their atmosphere and getting together with friends but now, it’s so much easier to play. There’s no need to travel to wherever the nearest hall is and no need to wait until they’re open. You can now play whenever suits you and your needs.

  • More bonus and promotion opportunities

With mobile apps, there’s now even more chances to win thanks to bonuses and promotions. If you have notifications enabled on your app, you’re going to be in with a better chance of knowing when these promotions are taking place.

Playing bingo online also means that you can often play some games for free, especially outside of the peak hours. Make sure you look out for sign up bonuses and referral bonuses so you can get your pals to play too.

  • Save your progress

When you play bingo on a mobile app, it can save your progress along the way. This means you can keep track of your achievements and see how much you’ve managed to improve your game.

These stats make it easier to see where you can improve and will up your chances of a win.

  • Easy to play

Bingo has very simple rules and you don’t need a lot of experience in order to play. There’s no need to look out for what other people are doing as their game doesn’t have an impact on yours. This way you can focus fully on the game in front of you.

  • Better payment options

One of the best things about paying for a bingo game via a mobile app is you can use cryptocurrency or digital wallets to pay for mobile bingo gaming. There’s also an option to set spending limits so that you don’t overspend when you’re playing.

And any money you don’t spend during your bingo game is simply saved on the mobile app to be used next time you play.

 How to play bingo on a mobile app

No matter what version of bingo you’re playing, the rules are pretty simple. You need either one line, two lines or a whole card of numbers that are called in order to win any kind of prize. Of course, the more numbers you have, the bigger chance you have of winning more money.

Simply pick however many bingo cards you want to play with before the game starts and start checking off your numbers as they’re called out. The more cards you have, the higher chance you have of a win.

Just remember that you’ll have to keep an eye on every card you have to look for the numbers being called. So, if you have too many cards, you might miss a number and then miss out on the chance at a win.

Once you’ve checked off a whole row, you need to call bingo as quickly as possible to make sure you bag that win.

Bingo is easy to play on a browser but even easier on a mobile app. Even when you’re playing bingo at home, people find it easier to play via the mobile app as you don’t have to cart your laptop around with you. Plus, you can keep everything logged in on your bingo mobile app instead of having to log in every time.

Simply go on whatever app store is linked to your device and select your preferred bingo site. Then all you need to do is set up an account and payment options and you’re ready to go. Remember to look out for those sign up bonuses!

Playing bingo on a mobile app such as 888 Ladies means you get to play your favourite game anywhere at any time. So why not sign up today and get gaming?



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