How to Earn Gold in Magic: the Gathering Arena

Magic: the Gathering Arena is soaring in popularity with about 100,000 players joining in on the fun every day! Earning gold in-game helps you to purchase digital card sleeves, new pets, planeswalker gamer icons, digital card packs, and more.

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Complete Quests

The fastest way to earn gold is by completing quests. When you log on to Magic: the Gathering Arena, you will see your three quests for the day at the bottom of the screen. If you do not like the quest’s parameters, you can swap it out for a new one once a day by clicking on it and confirming the change.


Most quests award you 500 to 750 coins upon completion. For example, you may have to play 40 lands in your matches throughout the day or play 20 spells that are one or another color in any combination.


If you finish all three quests in one day, a new one will spawn on your account at 3 a.m. PST. Only three quests can be in one account at a time. Hence, you would have to wait another 48 hours to see two new quests in your queue if you already completed three of them that previous day.

Win Matches

For every 15 matches that you play and win, you can earn an additional 250 to 750 coins per day. Each account will have different earnings depending on how often you play.


When you win each match, you will be awarded a random amount of gold and experience points. In some cases, if you play enough matches, you may win a random single, which could be a new card not yet in your collection or an additional card of something you already have to play in standard or historic ranked rounds.

Convert Gems or Gold Into More Gold

Sometimes when you visit the special deals in the Magic: the Gathering Arena store, you may see an option to receive 5,000 coins by exchanging with either 50 gems or 1,000 coins. Of course, this offer will not be available daily.

If you have 50 gems, you will not have to spend any gold at all to get the extra. Even exchanging 1,000 coins to get an additional 4,000 coins is a fair trade. Now you can get that new pet or digital card sleeves you have been wanting.

What Happens If I Finish All My Quests And Still Want to Earn Gold?

Let’s say that you finish your three quests for the day and have won the 15 matches to secure that extra gold. If you are on a binge-playing spree and still want to earn more gold, continue playing standard or historic-ranked matches.


As you climb the tiers from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond and finally to the highest tier of Mythic, you will get higher win payouts in gold and experience points. Play your best one or two decks that almost guarantee you a win so that you can earn gold faster. Remember that there is always a deck better than yours out there and that just like betting on sports you are not going to win all the time in Magic: the Gathering Arena either.

What Should I Spend My Gold On?

What you spend in your Magic: the Gathering Arena gold is up to you! Be wary of purchasing too many packs if you are looking for a specific card from a certain set. If you have any common, uncommon, rare, or mythic redemptions available, you can find the card in the deck-building search bar and exchange the redemption for the card.



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