How To Choose The Right Video Game: Guide for GamStop Users

Video gaming is one of the favourite pastimes of the younger population. The excitement and thrill of playing video games and winning not only engulf the youngsters, but many older adults are also avid gamers. The global market size of the video gaming industry was estimated at USD 151.06 billion in the year 2019 and the projected growth is USD 314.4 billion by 2026. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people stayed at home due to the lockdown situation and many of them opted to spend time playing video games, which led to a sudden surge in the global gaming population.

Video games involve playing games in an electronic mode, where there is an input medium (like keyboard, joystick, etc.) and there is a visual display unit (like monitor, TV set, mobile screens) along with an audio system (like headphones, speakers, etc.). The earliest forms of video games were played in the early seventies and Computer Space is the first consumer video game, released in the year 1971. Pong, another famous video game and the first console game Magnavox Odyssey was released the next year, that is in 1972. Depending on the type of platforms these video games are played on, the video games can be classified into the following types: Arcade Video Games, PC Video Games, and Console Games.

Casinos and Video Games

Gambling in online casinos can be as thrilling as playing a video game and both video gaming and gambling require skill, wit, planning and chance. However in online gambling, the players win money and enjoy various casino rewards, but in video games, players do not receive any cash, rather they might earn some self-confidence and a sense of achievement by successfully completing the levels of the game. 

Video games can be addictive, exactly like online gambling, where the player spends most of the day playing games, thereby lessening their productivity. Therefore, some games should be avoided by GamStop registered players. This is problematic and the excessive gambling habits can be curbed using Gambling Blocking sites like GamStop.

What is GamStop?

It is a self-exclusion system for regulating the compulsive gambling activities of gamblers by providing the players with an opportunity to exclude themselves from engaging in online gambling. A player is needed to enter different personal data like name, address, contact number, email id, etc. for the initiation of the process of self-exclusion, Once these details are loaded, an email will then be sent to the GamStop user and the self-exclusion period will be activated within 24 hours. The player will then be excluded from the online gambling portals for the selected time period, varying from 6 months to 5 years. GamStop users are then prohibited from entering gambling websites.

How can the GamStop users be able to select the right video game?

Players who are registered on the GamStop self-exclusion platform are not being allowed access to gambling sites and they often turn to video gaming to fill the void created by the dearth of playing online casinos. They often cannot obtain the flavours of the online gambling domain. The players are needed to be assured that their money will remain secure, which can be accomplished by following these:

The sectors of video games and iGaming are intertwined with each other and GamStop members can avail the opportunity of playing online casino-based video games, even within the self-exclusion period. This can be used as an alternative to NonStopCasino sites with no GamStop that UK gamblers still can gamble at. The punters can get the experience of visiting casinos by playing casino-themed video games. They can play these video games and immerse themselves in the exciting world of gambling. These casino-themed video games can be played without risking the loss of money, thereby keeping their financial health in a safe condition. 


The experience inside a casino is simulated; when a player logs in and enters the simulated casino to play the game, they can experience the ambience inside a real-life casino. These games are simulated exactly like a real-life brick-and-mortar casino and the players can traverse through the various levels in the games. Even if a player is on GamStop, they can get the thrill of casino games, while playing these games. 


The gamblers who are registered on GamStop due to their compulsive gambling habits can play video games to spend only virtual funds, as the wagering is minimal or totally absent. Thus the player will not be able to waste their money by overspending. There is no additional financial burden on the players while playing video games.

GamStop users can therefore engage themselves in these video games, to spend their leisure time without worrying about losing their money. 


GamStop registration is a sign of a responsible gambler. The gambler with the problem of excessive gambling habits can self-exclude gambling sites by registering themselves on GamStop. But that doesn’t mean that it takes away all the fun of gambling. The players can instead select from a wide number of options of casino-themed video games and get the opportunity to bet inside a “real-life casino”, without getting bankrupt.


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