Hotel Architect launches in 2024 via early access

Hotel Architect

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Pathos Interactive have announced a release window for Hotel Architect, their hotel tycoon sim.

Hotel Architect will launch sometime later in 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam) via early access, though a firm release date wasn’t confirmed.

“The Pathos team are a pleasure to work with and the journey into Early Access will be a unique one for Wired,” Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Publisher Wired Productions said. “But we really encourage the community to join and help shape the game even more. I know I can’t wait to add a nightclub with banging music into the hotels.“

Pathos Interactive co-founder and CEO Accel Sjöström added, “After several years of silent development, we are thrilled to finally show what we’ve been working on! Everyone at Pathos has done a great job in getting all systems and content in place, making Hotel Architect the five-star hotel game we have always envisioned. But the journey doesn’t end here! There are many fun ways in which we can expand our hotel concept, and the best way of doing this is with the help of a great player community. Therefore, I believe an early access release will suit Hotel Architect perfectly.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Step into the chaotic 24/7 lifestyle of a hotel owner as you design and build grand hotels across the globe. Juggle the increasingly elaborate demands of disorderly guests, logistical nightmares and unexpected obstacles in Hotel Architect, the ultimate hotel construction and tycoon management game.

Demonstrate your creative freedom as you build your hotel from the ground up taking your initial steps into the hospitality industry. In the career campaign or the sandbox mode, rejuvenate a rundown building or transform an empty plot into a hotel that towers above the Empire State Building, then design and dress a lobby that would be the envy of patrons at ‘The Ritz’.

Add a personal touch to your hotel with a range of decoration and furnishings tailored to the needs of your guests. Explore limitless design combinations across multiple floors with numerous zones and amenities available to construct within your hotel. So, if you feel that your Sauna is missing a Bar – simply build one around your guests!

In a fast-paced and frantic hotel, you will need to appease the harshest of critics, satisfy the needs of a variety of guests, and control the logistical chain full of unexpected obstacles, in order to achieve an illustrious 5-star rating. With a variety of staff whose attributes will be put to the test, you must ensure you’ve hired the right people for the job whilst managing your finances. Will you prioritize a world class chef at the expense of a clumsy receptionist? The choice is yours!Get ready to check-in to Hotel Architect!


  • Career or Sandbox Mode – Advance in a career campaign mode, with a variety of objectives to complete, in order to unlock the sandbox mode across each location.
  • Dynamic Building – Create your own hotel from scratch or transform a dilapidated plot into a thriving business. Design the layout and hire construction workers to lay the foundations and build different facilities across multiple floors. Building requires careful planning, as it plays out in real-time, so be careful annoy, disturb or remove items your guests are using – or else they might leave a bad review!
  • Design and Decorate – Freely select from several unique zones which can be set up throughout your establishment. You can then install amenities, place decorations and choose from a wide variety of wallpapers and flooring to create the hotel of your dreams.
  • The hospitality reviewers will be judging every aspect of your hotel. The higher the review, the more likely you are to attract guests willing to pay more for your services – helping you on the road to creating your ultimate hotel empire.
  • Impress and Advance – Expand your hotel empire across several unique locations all across the globe, each with their own distinct style. Whilst some locations will already have existing buildings and foundations, others will need to be built from scratch.
  • Expand Over Multiple Locations – Optimize the number of staff needed to accommodate the influx of hotel guests. Each potential employee has a different set of attributes which can positively or negatively impact their work rate. Level them up for a more proficient workforce! Manage the logistics chain by calling in contractors for stock and litter systems keeping your pantries filled and hotel clean.
  • Manage Staff and Contractors – Stay on your toes and constantly adapt to new scenarios created by the increasingly elaborate demands brought on by the most extravagant guests.
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