Horizon Zero Dawn- The Board Game Now On Kickstarter

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Steamforged Games recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their board game adaptation of Sony and Guerrilla’s open-world adventure game, Horizon Zero Dawn.

The board game adaptation is a semi-cooperative tactics game with elements of RPGs and deck-building. Players choose from a variety of upgradable hunters and set out on quests that generally involve tracking and taking down specific mechanical beasts in the Horizon universe. Players will have a chance to level up and purchase new equipment between encounters. Potions, ammo types, traps, and other consumables are where the deck-building element comes in, and are also purchased from merchants between encounters.

The board game will feature a number of mechanics from the video game, like being able to target specific parts of the Watchers to deal extra damage, disable their special attacks, or cause them to drop equipment that can be used by the hunters.

Steamforged Games is a fairly big name in the tabletop game industry. Previous tabletop adaptations of video games they have produced include Resident Evil 2- The Board Game and Dark Souls- The Board Game. Their own IPs include Guild Ball and the upcoming Godtear skirmish game.

Their unique approach to miniatures often results in highly detailed plastic models that require no assembly or cleaning before they are ready to prime and paint.

The Horizon board game seems to be no exception, and there are some truly massive models in production for it, such as the video game’s signature Thunderjaw.

If you’d like to pledge to the game, you can get the core box, several Kickstarter exclusive expansions, and all applicable stretch goals for $130.

Optional buys come in the form of various massive boss encounters, such as the previously mentioned Thunderjaw. The campaign will end on Friday, September 28th, at 1:00 PM CDT.

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