Homeworld is getting a tabletop miniatures game called Homeworld: Fleet Command

Homeworld: Fleet Command

Tabletop RPG publisher Modiphius Entertainment have announced a partnership with Gearbox Publishing for Homeworld: Fleet Command, a new tabletop miniature game set in the same universe as the classic space RTS series.

Details are still pretty scarce, but Homeworld: Fleet Command will be a tabletop miniatures game where 1-4 players engage in massive fleet battles in the Homeworld universe. Inspired by the mechanics of the company’s own Airfix Battles, Fleet Command‘s core box will feature 101 plastic miniatures representing Kushan and Taiidan fighter squadrons, corvettes, frigates, capital ships, and even the iconic Mothership.

Fleet Command will also feature a 10-part campaign that allows players to build up their fleet across a set of narrative-focused scenarios. Multiple copies of the game can even be combined to make ridiculously large-scale fleet engagements.

Modiphius Entertainment is no stranger to the Homeworld franchise. The company has previously made the Revelations tabletop RPG, along with a long list of other licensed RPGs from franchises like Star Trek, Fallout, Dune, Aliens, Lord of the Rings, Infinity, Judge Dredd, and many more. Their RPG catalog can best be described as “prolific.”

The company has also made a variety of board and miniature games in the past, including ones based on video games. Modiphius Entertainment’s miniature game lineup currently includes The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, alongside several rule systems they don’t actually make miniatures for like Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Homeworld: Fleet Command will have a Kickstarter campaign in November 2022. In related news – the video game Homeworld 3 finally got some proper gameplay, check it out here.

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