Holy Crap, Loads of Games on the Playstation Network are Only a Dollar, Until Monday

playstation store flash sale 07-12-14-1

Sony Computer Entertainment America is currently holding yet another flash sale for this weekend.

There are a multitude of titles ranging from Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and even Playstation Portable titles. Some of my picks would be Double Dragon Neon (hurry up butt-lord), Dyad, and probably a tie between the Wild Arms games and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Before you Harvest Moon fans jump down my throat and say the N64 version is better – I played it first on PS1, so there!

You can find the full list below, each with the corresponding link to its Playstation Web store link:

Title Sale Price Original Price
Dino Crisis (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Dino Crisis 2 (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Double Dragon Neon (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Dyad (PS3) $0.99 $14.99
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Legend Of Dragoon (PS3/PSP) $0.99 $5.99
Machinarium (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Machinarium (PS Vita) $0.99 $6.99
Malicious (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Papo & Yo (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Syphon Filter (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Syphon Filter 2 (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Syphon Filter 3 (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Tekken 2 (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
The Cave (PS3) $0.99 $14.99
Thomas Was Alone (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Thomas Was Alone (PS Vita) $0.99 $9.99
ToeJam & Earl (PS3) $0.99 $4.99
Twisted Metal: Black (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita) $0.99 $6.99
Velocity Ultra (PS Vita) $0.99 $7.49
Velocity Ultra (PS3) $0.99 $9.99
Virtua Fighter 2 (PS3) $0.99 $4.99
Wild Arms (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Wild Arms 2 (PS3/PSP/PS Vita) $0.99 $5.99
Worms Revolution (PS3) $0.99 $14.99

What games will you guys be picking up, if any?



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  1. Carl B.
    Carl B.
    July 12, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Wild Arms is one of the most underrated RPGs of the 90s. FF7 hype killed it soon after it came out, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock. Loved every minute of it.

  2. nonscpo
    July 13, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Sadly as a vita owner their isn’t a single title that interest me out of this lot :'(