hololive VTuber romance visual novel Aquarium launches in October


Back in Janurary, hololive and Entergram announced Aquarium, a visual novel starring virtual YouTuber (also known as VTuber) Minato Aqua as the lead in a romance visual novel. Now, we have a release date for Aquarium.

Aquarium is launching on October 27, 2022 in Japan across Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The latter of which will be a digital only release, and preorders are kicking off on June 30th.

As of now, it is currently unknown if Aquarium will ever get an English release in the future. While VTubers have gotten big, even here in the west with Hololive, Minato Aqua is more known with the Japanese audience as a Japanese VTuber.

With this announcement for its release date, there’s also a newly published teaser site that contains key art and further details.

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