Hololive English releases an interactive Valentine’s Day video series

hololive english valentine's day

Hololive has released a series of videos that takes viewers on a Choose Your Own Adventure style Valentine’s Day outing with the girls of hololive English.

The first video takes place in a cafe where the girls from hololive English all meet up. After noticing the viewer sitting in a corner (aptly calling them “Corner Person) you’re invited along to a smaller outing.

After this smaller outing with your intended Valentine’s date and a friend or two, you get to make another choice. This second choice is a one on one Valentine’s date.

The video series is done in the style of a visual novel and is fully voiced by the idols of hololive English.

You can check out the start of the series below.

Hololive also released a set of merchandise to coincide with Valentine’s Day. For $27 USD you can get an acrylic stand, a button badge, a special voice line, and a copy of a handwritten note from your oshi.

Who did you pick? Let us know in the comments below!



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